• The Hitachi NE-S1 is our economical and simple to use speed control inverter solution in the popular HP range of 1/2 to 3 hp.

  • Pre-configured parameters

  • Optional field installed operator display

  • 3 wire Start Stop compatible

  • RS-485 Modbus RTU standard

  • PID, Logic and time delay functions built in

  • Energy saving function standard

  • CE/UL/cUL/c-Tick approvals

  • Optional door mounted operator display

  • Loss of signal protection

  • Sink or Source input compatible

  • The Hitachi industrial WJ200 Series AC Variable Speed Drives range from 100-200VAC and single phase input to three phase output. The WJ200 Variable Speed Drive comes with an integrated auto-tuning function for easy sensorless vector control that realizes high starting torque of 200% or greater, suitable for a variety of applications.

  • High starting torque and dramatically improved speed stability with advanced sensorless vector control

  • Simplified auto-tuning procedure

  • Easy setup and operation via standard integral keypad, optional enhanced keypad or via PC software

  • Dynamic braking transistor in all models

  • Built in EasySequence (EzSQ) PLC-like functionality

  • Simple position control capability

  • Capable of driving permanent magnet as well as standard induction motors

  • Dual rated for CT/VT applications

  • New and more effective trip avoidance functions, safe-stop function

  • Hitachi industrial SJ700D Series AC Variable Speed Drives and inverters are the first off-the-shelf units with integral easy sequence programmable functionality (EzSQ) as a standard feature. The SJ700D Series inverters can handle complex applications with ease because of the new Easy Sequence (EzSQ) programming software, precise positioning, and safe stop according to EN954-1. The SJ700D AC Variable Speed Drive is undoubtedly the most powerful in its class.

  • Advanced Sensorless Vector Control and Auto Tuning

  • "Easy Sequence" (EzSQ) software

  • High starting torque at low speeds (150% at 0.3Hz)

  • Full Vector Control with optional Feedback Board

  • Micro Surge Voltage suppress function

  • Improved and simplified auto-tuning

  • Built-in PLC type programming functions

  • Built in Modbus/RTU communications

  • Ratings:
    - 1/2 hp to 75 hp, 230 V, 3 phase
    - 1 to 600 hp, 460V, 3 phase




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